Fatigue and Rest

We all tend to get tired while working and with serving its no different.

However, there is something particularly draining while serving when one is an introvert. Spending an entire day talking to random people and interacting with different types of people is utterly exhausting.

I fully understand why many servers smoke, I did it for a while just as an escape from people, to take large breaths in solitude and exhale calmly. It is sometimes the only form of solace one get get in a normal shift.

Many days, I am more the capable of spending an entire 12 hour shift of interacting with a whole myriad of types of people. These days I tend to treasure, and often can’t control how they happen, but they most often happen after a good nights rest at the very least.

The one part that can sweep you off your feet is a mistake. Whether it be my mistake or the customers mistake, in which they hardly ever admit, mistakes can really increase anxiety. There have been a few times where due to either a language barrier or just a plain old miscommunication, I’ve made more than one mistake at a table.

When this happens, I’m so incredibly embarrassed I find it hard to go back tot he table, and if I do, words cannot come out of my mouth, and at this point, fuck any sort of eye contact.

It also effects how I feel towards my other tables and instead of trying to be super nice and helpful, I become extremely sheepish and just want to go home, because I refuse to go cry in a bathroom. That also doesn’t help the problem, but exacerbate it.

At my current job I get a 2 hour break in the middle of my shift. Sometimes this is exactly what I need to recharge. Other times, a measly 2 hours is not enough time by myself to collect my thoughts and prepare myself for attempting to make strangers happy to receive payment.

Not only do I have to deal with customers, but also the cooks and other servers. Sometimes I just really don’t feel like talking with anyone, I’m not inherently in a bad mood, I just have nothing to say, and this can occasionally stir up trouble, because friendly servers are always wanting to see whats wrong. And we all know if we say nothing is wrong, and then are asked multiple more times if something is wrong, now there is a problem.

After long days of dealing with people, I’ve found the best medicine for me, is a bottle of wine, my couch, no socks, and a thoughtless show or film that I can just watch and not worry anymore.


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